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How to Make Hot Pink Paint: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to create a fun and bright color for your art projects, you might have wondered how to make hot pink paint. Hot pink is a vibrant, eye-catching shade of pink that can add a pop of color to any painting or craft. In this article, we’ll teach you how to make hot pink paint using acrylic paints and a few simple tips.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Before you can start mixing paint to create the perfect shade of hot pink, you’ll need to gather a few materials. You’ll need:

  1. Acrylic paints in red, white, and silver (optional)
  2. A palette or surface for mixing paint
  3. A paintbrush or palette knife for mixing

Step 2: Start with a Shade of Red

To begin making hot pink paint, you’ll need to start with a shade of red. The specific shade of red you choose will impact the final color of your hot pink paint. Quinacridone red is a popular choice for making hot pink because it’s a bright pink, vivid shade of red. However, you can experiment with different shades of red to see which one creates the desired shade of hot pink for your project.

Step 3: Add a Bit of White

Once you have your red paint ready, it’s time to add a bit of white to create a lighter shade of pink. Titanium white is a popular choice for mixing with red because it’s a bright, opaque white that can help create the desired shade of pink. However, you can also use zinc white, which is more transparent and can create a slightly softer shade of pink.

Start by adding a small amount of white paint to your red paint. Use a paintbrush or palette knife to mix the two colors together, creating a lighter shade of pink. Continue to add small amounts of white paint until you reach the desired shade of pink. Remember, it’s always easier to add more white paint than to try and remove it, so be cautious as you mix.

Step 4: Adjust the Color as Needed

Once you have a basic shade of pink, you might need to make some adjustments to achieve the perfect hot pink color. If your pink is too light, you can add more red paint to make it brighter and more vibrant. If your pink is too dark, you can add more white paint to lighten it up.

You can also experiment with adding small amounts of other colors to create a unique shade of hot pink. For example, adding a bit of silver paint can give your hot pink color a subtle shimmer that adds depth and interest to your finished project.

Step 5: Test Your Hot Pink Paint

Before you start using your hot pink paint on your project, it’s a good idea to test the color on a scrap piece of paper or canvas. This will help you make sure the color is exactly what you want before you start painting.

If the color isn’t quite right, you can continue to add more red, white, or other colors to adjust the shade of your hot pink paint until it’s perfect.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Hot Pink Paint!

Once you’re happy with your hot pink paint color, you can start using it on your art projects. Whether you’re painting a canvas, creating a craft, or adding a pop of color to your home, your homemade hot pink paint is sure to make a statement.


Making hot pink paint is a fun and creative process that can bring a lively pop of color to your art projects.

By starting with a shade of red and adding white and other colors as needed, you can create the perfect hot pink paint to suit your needs.

Remember to test your color before using it on your projects and experiment with different shades of red and white to find the perfect balance. With a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to create stunning hot pink paint that will make your artwork stand out.

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