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What Color Appliances Go Best with White Cabinets?

White kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice, offering a clean, bright, and versatile foundation for countless design styles. But, when it comes to choosing the perfect appliance colors to complete your dream kitchen, the options can feel overwhelming. Should you play it safe or make a stylish statement?

In this extensive guide, we’ll explore the best appliance colors to complement your white cabinets, help you achieve the look you want, and provide guidance to help you make confident decisions.

Classic and Timeless: Stainless Steel

Why It Works:

  • Modern Aesthetic: Stainless steel offers a sleek, contemporary look that pairs effortlessly with white cabinets.
  • Universally Flattering: Stainless steel complements any countertop material and a wide range of kitchen styles.
  • Easy to Maintain: This finish is resistant to fingerprints and smudges, keeping your kitchen looking pristine.

Best for: Those who desire a timeless look, prioritizing practicality and a modern sensibility.

Stainless Steel Look-alikes:

If the budget is tight, there are many stainless-steel-look finishes at more affordable price points that still provide a similar aesthetic.

Bold and Contrasting: Black Appliances

Why It Works:

  • Striking Focal Point: Black appliances add drama and a touch of sophistication against the clean backdrop of white cabinets.
  • Modern or Traditional: The bold contrast works beautifully in both modern and more traditional kitchen design styles.
  • Hides Wear and Tear: Black finishes are less likely to show fingerprints or minor scratches.

Best For: Homeowners who want to create a statement kitchen with a touch of edge and who want a low-maintenance finish.

Different Shades of Black:

Don’t limit yourself to classic black! Matte black and black stainless steel offer nuanced and elegant variations on this dynamic color.

Softer and Warmer: Slate Appliances

Why It Works:

  • Subtle Contrast: Slate finishes offer a less stark contrast than black, creating a softer, warmer feel.
  • Contemporary Style: Slate leans into a modern look, pairing beautifully with wood accents and natural stone.
  • Fingerprint Resistant: Like stainless steel and black options, slate does a great job concealing fingerprints.

Best For: Those seeking a modern aesthetic with a slightly softer touch than black, while maintaining a practical, low-maintenance finish.

Retro Charm: Colorful Appliances

Why It Works:

  • Playful Personality: Colorful appliances inject your kitchen with a dose of fun and unique personality.
  • Vintage Vibes: Pastel shades like mint green and baby blue offer a charming retro appeal.
  • Focal Point: Bright red or bold yellow appliances become a statement against a white backdrop.

Best For: Expressing individuality, those who aren’t afraid of color, and lovers of vintage-inspired design.

Tips for Using Colorful Appliances:

  • Consider Your Style: Are you drawn to retro, farmhouse, or eclectic style? Choose your appliance shade accordingly.
  • Less is More: If using bold colors, consider only one or two colorful appliances. Balance the look with neutral tones elsewhere.

Hidden Luxury: Panel-Ready Appliances

Why It Works:

  • Seamless Integration: Panel-ready appliances can be covered with cabinetry panels, blending flawlessly with your white cabinets.
  • High-End Look: This option creates an elegant, custom-built look often seen in luxury kitchens.
  • Flexible Design: When you decide to change your cabinet color, your paneled appliances will match effortlessly.

Best For: Those aiming for a sophisticated, streamlined kitchen design and with more financial flexibility.

Factors Beyond Color: Design Integration

Choosing the right appliance color is key, but remember these equally important aspects to ensure your appliances truly elevate your kitchen’s overall design:

Style Consistency

Your appliances should feel like a natural extension of your chosen kitchen style – not an afterthought. Let its stylistic direction guide your appliance color and finish choices:

  • Modern: Stainless steel, black, or slate create a sleek, minimalist feel. Consider clean lines and integrated panel-ready appliances.
  • Rustic/Farmhouse: Warm metallics like bronze and copper, or a retro-inspired colorful appliance, add charm. Matte black or slate can work beautifully here.
  • Industrial: Exposed hardware and stainless steel appliances complement this raw, functional aesthetic. Black or dark gray appliances can also enhance the industrial vibe.
  • Traditional: Stainless steel and classic black or white appliances generally work best for timelessness. Consider touches of warm metallics in hardware for a richer feel.

Hardware Finishes

Creating a sense of visual flow is crucial in design. Pay attention to how the finishes of your appliances and cabinet hardware will interact.

  • Matching: For the most cohesive look, match the primary finish of your appliances (stainless steel, black, white) with the finish of your cabinet pulls and knobs.
  • Complementary Combinations: Mixing metallic finishes can be done successfully with care. Stainless steel appliances with brass hardware introduce warmth, while black appliances with nickel fixtures feel modern and slightly edgy.

Countertop & Backsplash

The color and material of your kitchen countertops and backsplash contribute significantly to the overall feel of the space. Your chosen appliance color needs to work in harmony with these elements as well.

  • Neutrals: If your counters and backsplash are neutral (whites, grays, natural stone), you have the most freedom in your appliance color choice.
  • Dark Countertops: Stainless steel, or lighter-colored appliances offer contrast against black or dark gray countertops.
  • Bold Backsplash: If your backsplash is a statement piece (colorful tile, patterned stone), neutral appliances often work best to avoid a visually overwhelming feel.
  • Wood: Warm metallics and classic black or white appliances tend to work beautifully with wood countertops or wood accents in your backsplash design.

Balancing Warm and Cool Tones

An often-overlooked factor is the undertone of your white cabinets. This will significantly impact how different appliance colors are perceived in your kitchen.

  • Warm Whites: Cabinets with creamy, off-white, or yellowish undertones pair beautifully with warm-toned appliances like those in beige, champagne, or bronze. They can also handle bolder colors like deep blue or forest green.
  • Cool Whites: If your cabinets have stark white or bluish undertones, lean towards cool-toned appliances like stainless steel, black, or slate. Bright, cool-toned colors like mint green or turquoise can also work harmoniously.

Finding Inspiration and Making Your Decision

  • Online Resources: Websites like Pinterest and Houzz offer a wealth of kitchen design inspiration. Search for “white cabinets + [appliance color]” to see real-world examples.
  • Sample Swatching: Bring home paint swatches of your white cabinets and samples of potential appliance finishes. Compare them in your kitchen’s natural light at different times of the day.
  • Trust Your Intuition: Ultimately, the best appliance color for your kitchen is the one that brings you joy and makes your space feel like home.

Additional Tips & Considerations

  • Mix and Match: Don’t feel pressured to choose all your appliances in the same color. A stainless steel refrigerator with a black range and dishwasher can look fantastic.
  • Budget: Appliance finishes vary in price. Stainless steel is generally the most affordable, while paneled and vibrantly colored options can be more costly.
  • Lighting: Your kitchen’s lighting will affect how appliance colors appear. Consider both natural and artificial light sources.
  • Small Appliances: Remember that your countertop appliances (toaster, blender, etc.) will also factor into the overall look. Stainless steel is a safe bet, but you can also have fun with pops of color here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are white appliances a good choice with white cabinets?

A: While it can be done successfully, it runs the risk of your kitchen feeling too sterile. If you prefer an all-white look, introduce texture and warmth with wood accents, woven baskets, and varied countertop materials.

Q: Will my appliance color choice become outdated?

A: Stainless steel has reigned supreme for years due to its timeless appeal. Bold colors or paneled appliances might feel trendier and could potentially date more quickly if you prioritize the resale value of your home.

Q: Where can I find colored appliances?

A: Many major brands now offer expanded color options beyond the traditional stainless, black, and white. Specialty appliance stores and retro-inspired brands are excellent sources for colorful appliances.


Choosing the right appliance color for your white cabinets is an exciting opportunity to personalize your kitchen and create a space you’ll love for years to come. By considering the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’re well on your way to a decision that is both stylish and practical.

Let your creativity flow, trust your instincts, and embrace the process of designing your dream kitchen!


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