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Inside Jennette McCurdy’s Studio City Home: iCarly-Inspired Decor or a Fresh Start?

Jennette McCurdy, the beloved actress known for her iconic role as Sam Puckett on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” is just as fascinating in real life. Her openness in her memoir “I’m Glad My Mom Died” has drawn renewed interest in her life beyond the screen. A curious aspect of this is her Studio City home, where she resided for a time. Let’s take a peek inside and see if her personal style reflects her vibrant past or signals a fresh chapter in her design journey.

The Mediterranean Foundation

McCurdy’s former abode boasts a classic Mediterranean architectural style, a popular choice in the sunny Studio City neighborhood. Features like arched entryways, warm stucco exteriors, and potentially a tiled roof set the stage for her interior design choices. It’s interesting to consider if this traditional style offers a sense of groundedness and privacy after a childhood in the spotlight.

Searching for Traces of “iCarly”

Fans of “iCarly” might be eager to spot any playful nods to the show within McCurdy’s home. However, given McCurdy’s complex relationship with her early acting experiences, overt references to her iconic character might be unlikely. Instead, we can look for subtler influences:

  • Bold Color Choices: Sam Puckett’s wardrobe often featured bright pops of color. Did this translate into vibrant accent pieces or unexpected paint choices within McCurdy’s living spaces?
  • Whimsical Touches: “iCarly” had a youthful, quirky energy. McCurdy could have incorporated playful furniture or eclectic artwork as a subdued homage to that era.

Renovation Clues: Self-Expression or Practicality?

Depending on when McCurdy purchased the home, evidence of renovations could offer clues about her design priorities.

Open Concept Trend

Did she update and modernize the interior by removing walls and embracing a more open floor plan?

The popularity of open-concept layouts has soared in recent years. If McCurdy purchased an older home, the presence of an open floor plan could point to a renovation for a more contemporary feel. This change enhances flow between common areas like the kitchen, dining, and living room, making it perfect for entertaining and family life. Additionally, consider looking for:

  • Removed Walls: The absence of non-load-bearing walls in traditional layouts would be a strong indicator of renovation.
  • Structural Support: If walls were removed, there may be visible beams or columns in place to redistribute the structural load.


If she remodeled the kitchen or bathrooms, her choices in fixtures, colors, and materials reveal her current aesthetic preferences.

Kitchens and bathrooms are prime areas for personalization during a renovation. These frequently used spaces offer the chance for McCurdy to express her individual style. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Appliances and Fixtures: The style (stainless steel, vintage-inspired), brands, and functionality of appliances and fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom can suggest both her taste and priorities.
  • Cabinetry and Countertops: The materials, colors, and design of cabinets and countertops are major design elements that reflect personal preferences.
  • Tile and Flooring: Tile choices for backsplashes, showers, or flooring provide insight into McCurdy’s desired aesthetic, from traditional to modern.

The Comfort Factor

While star power is intriguing, home design, at its core, is about creating a sanctuary. McCurdy may have prioritized elements that promote relaxation and well-being:

Cozy Textures

Plush throws, inviting rugs, and comfortable seating could signal a focus on a calming, comforting environment.

Soft, tactile elements are essential for making a house feel like a home. If McCurdy prioritized comfort, consider these possibilities:

  • Plush Furniture: Upholstered pieces with generous cushioning, like deep sofas or oversized armchairs, invite relaxation.
  • Tactile Variety: A mix of textures like velvet, faux fur, chunky knits, or soft linens adds depth and warmth to a space.
  • Layered Softness: Draped throws and a variety of pillows on beds and seating areas create an extra layer of coziness.

Natural Light

Maximizing natural light through large or strategically placed windows creates an uplifting and serene ambiance.

Natural light offers mood-boosting and health benefits. If McCurdy prioritized creating a bright and airy space, look for:

  • Ample Windows: Large windows or even floor-to-ceiling options flood a space with sunlight.
  • Skylights: Strategically positioned skylights add light from above in rooms where large windows might not be possible.
  • Reflective Surfaces: Mirrors, metallic accents, and light-colored surfaces bounce the available natural light around a room, making it feel larger and brighter.

Biophilic Touches

Incorporating plants or nature-inspired design elements brings a touch of the outdoors in, fostering tranquility.

Biophilic design draws on the human connection with nature to enhance well-being. Here’s how McCurdy might have incorporated it:

  • Houseplants: Large floor plants or smaller varieties scattered across surfaces act as natural decor and can improve air quality.
  • Natural Materials: Elements like wood, stone, or natural textiles create an organic feel and remind us of the outdoors.
  • Nature-inspired Motifs Think botanical prints, landscape artwork, or even natural sounds incorporated into her space for a soothing effect.

The Verdict: A Reflection of the Present

Ultimately, it’s likely Jennette McCurdy’s Studio City home represented a place of self-expression reflecting her current desires and priorities rather than a shrine to her past roles. Whether her design choices were influenced, even subtly, by her “iCarly” years remains a bit of a mystery, adding to the intrigue surrounding this talented and multifaceted individual.


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