What is a Good Size TV for a Bedroom?

Do you want to watch TV in your bedroom? It’s a great idea! But what size of TV is best for your room? This article will help you choose the perfect TV size for your bedroom.

What is a Good Size TV for a Bedroom?

Every bedroom is different, so the best size TV for your room depends on how big your room is and how far away you will be sitting from the TV. Here are some general rules to help you decide:

Smaller Bedrooms

If you have a smaller bedroom, a TV between 24 and 32 inches might be the best choice. It won’t take up too much space, but you can still enjoy your favorite shows.

Medium Bedrooms

For medium-sized bedrooms, a TV between 40 and 43 inches is a good size. It will give you a bigger picture without taking up too much room.

Larger Bedrooms

If you have a large bedroom, you might want a TV between 50 and 65 inches. This will give you a great movie-watching experience!

65 Inch TV in a Bedroom

A 65 inch TV is a big TV! It can be perfect for a large bedroom. If you love watching movies, playing video games, or streaming TV shows, a 65 inch TV might be the best size for you. But make sure you have enough space in your room for a TV this big.

How Far Away Should You Sit?

One important thing to think about when choosing a TV size is how far away you will be sitting from the TV. This is called the viewing distance. The viewing distance affects how clear the picture will look on the TV screen.

Here are some tips for finding the right viewing distance:

  1. Measure the distance from your bed or chair to where the TV will be.
  2. Divide this distance by 2. This will give you the recommended TV size in inches.

For example, if you sit 8 feet (96 inches) away from the TV, divide 96 by 2 to get 48 inches. This means a 48-inch TV might be a good size for your room.

Remember, these are just general guidelines. You can choose a bigger or smaller TV if you like. It’s all about what makes you comfortable and happy.

TV Types and Features

There are different types of TVs you can choose from. Some have more features and better picture quality than others. Here are some things to consider when picking a TV for your bedroom:


These are three types of TVs with different screen technologies. LED TVs are usually less expensive and have a good picture.

OLED TVs have better colors and contrast but are more expensive. QLED TVs offer excellent picture quality and bright colors.

Smart TV

A smart TV lets you connect to the internet and watch streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It can also connect to your smartphone or tablet.

4K or 1080p

These numbers tell you how clear the picture will be on the TV screen. 4K has a higher resolution and clearer picture than 1080p. Most new TVs are 4K, but 1080p TVs are still available and can be less expensive.

Sound Quality

Some TVs have better speakers than others. If sound quality is important to you, look for a TV with good speakers or consider adding a soundbar.

Wall Mount or Stand: Decide if you want to mount your TV on the wall or put it on a stand. A wall mount can save space and make the room look neater. A stand is easier to move and set up.


Choosing the right TV size for your bedroom is all about considering your room size, viewing distance, and personal preferences. By following the guidelines in this article and thinking about the features that matter most to you, you can find the perfect TV to create a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience in your bedroom. Happy watching!


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