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Did the Baeumlers Sell Their Island Resort?

Who Are the Baeumlers?

The Baeumlers are a famous family. They are from Canada. They are on a TV show called “Island of Bryan.” The show is about fixing up an island resort. The family works together to make the resort beautiful. Bryan Baeumler is the dad. He is an expert builder. Sarah Baeumler is the mom. She is a designer. They have four kids who help them on the show.

What is the Island Resort?

The Baeumlers bought an island resort in 2017. The resort is called Caerula Mar Club. It is in the Bahamas. The island is beautiful. It has white sandy beaches and clear blue water. The resort has many nice buildings. There are also beautiful plants and trees.

When the Baeumlers bought the resort, it needed a lot of work. The family decided to fix it up. They wanted to make it a beautiful place for people to visit. They spent a lot of time and money to make the resort look great.

Did the Baeumlers Sell Their Island Resort?

There have been rumors that the Baeumlers sold their island resort. People are wondering if this is true. The answer is no, they did not sell the resort. They still own and run it. The family loves the resort. They worked very hard to fix it up. They want to keep it in their family.

Why Did People Think the Resort Was Sold?

People thought the resort was sold because of a social media post. Sarah Baeumler posted a picture on Instagram. It showed the family standing in front of the resort. They were smiling and holding a sign. The sign said “Sold!” This made people think the family sold the resort.

Sarah’s post was a joke. She was just having fun with her family. The Baeumlers did not really sell their resort. They still love the island and the resort. They want to keep it.

What Happens on the TV Show “Island of Bryan?”

“Island of Bryan” is a fun show to watch. It shows the Baeumlers working together. They fix up the resort. They also have fun together as a family. The show is very popular. People love to see the Baeumlers work together. They also love to see the beautiful island resort.

On the show, the family faces many challenges. They have to fix up old buildings. They also have to deal with bad weather. Sometimes, they have to make tough choices. The show is exciting and fun to watch.

How Can You Visit the Baeumler’s Island Resort?

If you want to visit the Baeumler’s island resort, you can! The resort is open to the public. People can book a vacation there. The resort has many fun things to do. You can swim in the ocean or relax on the beach. You can also enjoy delicious food at the resort’s restaurant.

The Baeumlers work hard to make sure their guests have a great time. They want people to enjoy the beautiful island. They also want people to see all the work they did on the resort.

The Baeumlers’ Future Plans

The Baeumlers are not planning to sell their island resort. They want to keep working on it. They also want to make it even better. The family loves the island and the resort. They are proud of their hard work. They want to share the beautiful resort with others.

The Baeumlers also plan to keep making their TV show. They love to show people their island resort. They also love to work together as a family. The show is important to them. They want to keep sharing their adventures with their fans.

The Baeumlers’ Impact on the Bahamas

The Baeumlers have made a positive impact on the Bahamas. Their island resort has brought many visitors to the area. This is good for the local economy. The people who live in the Bahamas can find jobs at the resort. They can also sell goods and services to the tourists.

The Baeumlers have also helped the environment. They have worked hard to keep the island clean and beautiful. Baeumlers have planted trees and plants. They have also made sure the buildings on the island are safe and strong.

The Importance of Family

One of the most special things about the Baeumlers is their love for each other. They work together as a family. Baeumlers support each other. They also have fun together. The Baeumlers show that families can do amazing things when they work together.

The Baeumlers also teach their children important lessons. They teach them about hard work and teamwork. They also teach them about caring for the environment. The Baeumler children are learning many valuable skills from their parents.


Did the Baeumlers sell their island resort? The answer is no. They still own and operate the Caerula Mar Club. The Baeumlers love their island resort. They are proud of the work they have done. They want to share the beautiful island with others.

The Baeumlers are an amazing family. They work hard and have fun together. They also care about their island and the environment. The Baeumlers are an inspiration to many people. They show that anything is possible when families work together.


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